The Beginning (Why I’m starting this blog)

I was around 7 years old, the time of year was Halloween and I wanted to dress as a fullsizeoutput_1c19cooker man. Not a chef but a cook. One of those diner style cooks who wasn’t worried about presentation, new techniques, or latest gadgets. I wanted to be wearing a greasy apron, floppy hat, and holding a spatula. I wanted to be like my dad.

My dad had managed a diner in the small town I grew up in when I was about 5 and that’s when my interest began in the kitchen. I never pursued it with intent of becoming a cook or chef, but the idea of making food I enjoyed eating and sharing that food with friends and family made me want to explore the kitchen. After my dad left the kitchen and found other employment he would talk about wanting to open a small burger joint because he missed being in the kitchen. The idea of running a small lunch style diner serving a small menu for regulars with my dad was always stuck in my head. Every so often we would rehash the thought just to make sure the dream of maybe someday owning such a place didn’t die with age.

Unfortunately the small burger joint dream hasn’t come to fruition, but it’s still something I think about from time to time as I prep meals for my family. I remember the talks my dad and I would have about how much fun it would be and at times am saddened we never made it happen. I feel that dream has never left me and is why I have been pushing myself in the kitchen to learn new techniques and try new recipes. I still have the desire to open my own burger joint, but know it’s one of those dreams you may never be able to achieve.  I guess that’s why I’m starting this blog. I want to share my joys of the kitchen with others and it’s another way I can keep from letting the dream of running a burger joint with my dad slowly fade from my memory.

My plan for this blog is to rekindle the idea for Sunday family dinners. Since having a child four years ago, my wife and I have began taking back the family dinners. Eating at home rather than eating fast food, and making sure the ingredients are on the healthier side. Don’t worry, I may preach from time to time about why processed foods are bad, but I won’t ever judge those who primarily eat them. I also want to bring my passion for cooking to friends by gathering those close to me and my family for meals I prepare from the heart. I am one of those who feels cooking is an extension of your feelings and by sharing that passion with others you are showing them how much you care.

Now, your guess is as good as mine with how this blog will go. I plan on sharing the meals I prep, recipes I’m trying, and the failures I encounter. I’ll talk about my methods with creating dishes, the tools I use, and the type of ingredients I am looking for when I go shopping. I’m also planning on sharing the planning aspect of the dinner parties I plan to throw and the stress that comes along with them.  So please be patient as I begin this journey into the food blogosphere and start sharing the dream my father started and I plan to carry on.

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