More about where I’m going with this

Another blog about food. That’s right. I’m adding to the mass of folks who write about theIMG_1464 joys food brings to them and how they want to share it with all. Why not? I love to eat, I love to cook, and I love to write. To me that’s the perfect reason to create a blog. (Thought about using a recipe pun right there but figured it’s already been done). What will my blog be like? Not completely sure. My tastes vary. I really don’t want to focus too much on one thing, but also want to perfect the things I like to cook. I just want to try new recipes and techniques. I’m not trained in any way. What I know I’ve learned from watching others as well as trial and error. I’ve screwed up many dinners for my family because I was trying something new.

What tools will I be using? I have a gas grill I can’t seem to tame, I own a small electric smoker I have been playing with for about a year, and cast iron is a trusty tool I use almost every meal. I also use my wonderful crock-pot all throughout the colder months making stews, chilis, and soups.

Things I’ve tried? Making my own hamburger blends and ice cream. I’ve recently been dabbling with spice blends and looking into making my own sauces. I’ve also brewed my own mead, brewed beer, and throughout all my processes drank plenty of wine to forget the bad times in the kitchen.

Things I have planned for the next year? Looking at all the ways I can cook pork. I’ve found this wonderful animal to be such a delight to cook and tasty to eat that it makes me want to explore all the possibilities of the delightful creature. I’m also hoping to better understand how wine goes with food so when I’m drinking it along with my meals I can appreciate its complexity and know why it goes well with some things but not others. Overall I’m hoping to be able to share new foods and experiences with family and friends as I further my knowledge in the world of food.

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