Weekend Dinner

Why the weekend dinner? I believe we’re losing this aspect of our lives. Too often we’re eating in the car, at our desks, on the go, everywhere but the dining room table with family and friends. To me the weekend dinner is the perfect way to bring everyone together to enjoy the company of those we love. It’s a moment in the weekend where you can slow down, enjoy good food and company, and make sure you’re ready to start the week. It’s the idea that somehow, this moment you are sharing with those you call friends and family, will forever be a memory you will look back on with a smile.

I’ve had different iterations of the Sunday dinner. Growing up my family often ate around the table, if not on Sunday at least at one point during the week. It was our time to reconnect, get up to date on everyone’s busy lives, and let others know you still cared. After getting married my wife and I would still go back to either family’s house every so often to have family dinner, to reconnect, let them know how our new lives were going and how much life was changing as we grew older. When my wife and I moved from our home state of Michigan to Chicago we lived with a friend for a few weeks and we would all sit down on Sunday, open a bottle of wine and cook together just so we could talk and know we had friends who were there for us. Even after we moved out and got our own place we made sure to get together with our friend once or twice a month on Sunday evening for a family dinner.  And now my wife and I are doing this with our son and want to bring in friends to create an evening of food, drinks, and chats.

For me there is no better way to show you care for someone than to cook them a meal.fullsizeoutput_1c49 Cooking is a labor of love. Cooking shows you have a passion and are willing to share that passion with others. You, the chef, get to prepare a meal with your hands and share it with the people you care about. Those people get to receive a gift you spent time in preparing, putting thought and consideration into.

I have a co-worker we invite over from time to time for weekend dinners because he’s a friend. There is also a running joke he is my son I left behind when I was just fifteen. As much fun as it is to play along with the joke, I enjoy more making meals for him to enjoy with my family. My son calls him his cousin and my wife and I see him as a friend. Although there is a big age difference we can still find things to talk about and share these things over a meal and drinks. It’s these simple moments that make family dinners so necessary in my life. It’s a way to not think about the stresses around us and to just focus on the individuals who are eating with us.

I know this is sounding a bit too philosophical and maybe I’m losing some readers at this point of the post, but I want to share why it is I am creating this blog and making an effort to share the food I create. My idea for this blog wasn’t all about the food, but why it is we eat, how food brings us together, and how I want to add to this conversation. So at times I’ll have posts that are more about the thoughts I have about food and how it fits into our lives and other posts will be pure recipe driven. I want my blog to be more about what part food and cooking plays in our lives and how we need to take back the moments we’ve shared with family and friends around the kitchen counter preparing the meals we enjoy.

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