Books about food

I’ve always been fascinated with cookbooks. I have always loved thumbing through thefullsizeoutput_1c4f pages and dreaming of someday being able to follow along and create the dish they had photos of next to the recipes. Even with so many recipes available online I still would rather have a cookbook at hand when working on a new recipe. There’s just something about messy pages sticking together because of the last time you were cooking and you forgot to wipe your hand before flipping the page. Being able to jot down notes in the margins of how you may have changed something in the recipe or how it turned out is also a great reason to have a physical cookbook at hand.

fullsizeoutput_1c4eCookbooks aren’t the only type of books I enjoyed in regards to food. Just recently I’ve began reading books about food that aren’t cookbooks but more about where our food comes from, why we eat what we eat, and how to be more sustainable with our food. I am becoming more and more interested in the philosophy of food and eating as I push myself further into cooking.

Is this the right way to look at cooking and food? Maybe not, but I am enjoying learning more about what my cooking and eating habits impact are on the sustainability of food production. I also want to know how the food I purchase impacts my family’s health and well being. If I know where my food comes from and how it’s prepared I can do a better job making sure my family is getting the best quality of food.

fullsizeoutput_1c51I am just beginning my journey into the world of books about food but so far am enjoying learning. I plan to continue this path towards understanding how to become better in the kitchen and how to share the knowledge I gain with my family.

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