Exploring the grocery store

fullsizeoutput_1c5fIf there is one thing I look forward to more than cooking it’s grocery shopping. The grocery store is where you get to pick the flavors for your recipes. Where you can decide in the moment to make an asparagus salad instead of leeks and potatoes because the asparagus looks appetizing. You can peruse the meat section searching for the right cut of beef, or a thick pork chop to go along with your salad. You can pick a wine that pairs nicely with the whole meal or goes better with the preparing of the meal. The grocery store is where all the fun begins for the meals that lie ahead.

If I could I would spend hours picking over the produce, trying to find the rightfullsizeoutput_1c60 ingredients for the perfect dish. I would also probably change my mind ten different times before finally deciding on the dish I want to serve for my weekend meal, but I would love every second of my indecisiveness.

To me there’s just something fun about spending time at a grocery store using your senses of sight, touch, and smell help decide your menu. What’s available plays a big part in what you can cook, so utilizing the grocery store to guide you in those decisions is the best way to go. Another place for such exploration in meal prep would be the farmer’s market, which for me is an entirely different post with so much to share on how happy I am when exploring the offerings of local farmers.

So for now I’ll leave you with this short post about the love I have for a place most people see as a chore but to me is the beginning of my food exploration.


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