Leftovers. Do you like them? Does it depend on the food? Does the time since it was cooked sway your thought of eating it? If not, why?

I do enjoy leftovers. Not many things will I say no thanks to the day or two after I’ve made a dish. There are many things I think are better the next day after it’s had time to rest in the fridge. Pizza, goulash, chili, even a good steak. These are just a few items I won’t hesitate to enjoy the next day.

Just this morning I sat down to a dish of steak and eggs. I had grilled the steak last night and had a good chunk left after our dinnerIMG_0051. I know what you’re thinking, you had steak leftover? My son didn’t eat as much as he usually does so we had enough for one serving this morning.

I think leftovers are a great way to look at food in a different way. You can challenge yourself to be creative in order to find a new flavor, find a way to use the leftovers in a new dish, and look at new ways of reheating the food.

Using leftovers is something I feel is necessary to utilize in order to become a better cook. If you can reimagine food the day or so after making the dish then you’re creating a fresh look at the food. You are taking the time to rethink how you’ve prepared something.

I know I will always eat leftovers. One way or another the food I prepare will be eaten rather than thrown out. So if I can take the time to rework the prepared food into a new dish while enjoying the leftovers I can only believe I am enhancing the food I am eating.

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