Cooking with my son


IMG_0040My joy in the kitchen is something I try to share with my son whenever he shows an interest in what I’m making. I look to find ways to make sure he can help. The only thing I don’t allow him to do right now is use the knives but that’s because he’s only 5 and still doesn’t use scissors in the safest way.

What I have found he enjoys doing when in the kitchen is mixing and stirring. He asks to pour in whatever ingredient is needed for the dish we are making and if it’s something that needs stirred he is ready for that. Saturday morning pancakes are his jam and he could probably make them without my help if he wanted to at this point.

Just today we made a new dessert with sweetened condensed milk and avocados as the two main ingredients and he was ready and willing to do everything but cut the avocados. (I’ll do a post about that dessert at another point because it was delicious and worth sharing).

For me, having him enjoy something I do will help us keep our relationship strong. I know there will be times we won’t see eye to eye on things. I know there will be times he’ll say he hates me. That is why I want to make sure we have something we both like doing together so we can try and find the common ground in the kitchen. Use our love of cooking and food to help us realize our differences are temporary but our love for one another will be part of who we are for the rest of our lives.

IMG_0052Another thing I want to come from this is a mutual love of food. Another fun thing the two of us did today was walk up to a taco place just up the road from our house and we had lunch. Just two dudes enjoying simple tacos on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It was fun sitting, chatting, and getting to know my son better. Food being what was making us pause and share some time is why I want to continue to cook and enjoy food with my son. Making sure to be patient as he learns how to use the utensils, understand recipes, and figure out flavors will help me to better understand who my son is and how I can make sure to be the best dad I can.

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