Pursuit of the perfect burger

The perfect burger. This is something I am still after. It could be something I make in my kitchen or it could be a burger I find at a restaurant. It doesn’t matter to me where the  burger comes from, I just want to find it. In all honesty I want to try and make the perfect burger myself but realize that it’s a tough task.

fullsizeoutput_1c97But then again, can the perfect burger even exist? Is this a misconception we have about food? Does perfection even matter?

I’ve been playing with my recipe for burgers. Trying different spice blends, changing how and when I put the spices on, how I’m making the patty, and what method I’m cooking it. Does the fat content make a big difference if I’m cooking it on the grill, or is cast iron the way to go for a better burger?

I’m making a list in my journal with questions about all of this and pondering the idea of the perfect burger. The first list so far is what does the perfect burger mean?

  1. Patty size
  2. Seasoning
  3. Cooked temperature
  4. Toppings
  5. Bun

The next list is how is the perfect burger cooked?

  1. Charcoal
  2. Gas grill
  3. Griddle
  4. Cast iron

I’m still trying to figure all of this out. I’ve recently made burgers for dinner and jotted down what I did so I can start tracking what I’m doing as I make the burger. The latest attempt was using a burger press to making a  ⅓ lb. patty, sprinkling a season blend I am still tinkering with, and grilling them 4 minutes per side on a gas grill over medium high direct heat. These came out to a perfect medium but were a little underwhelming in flavor. The patty itself had a great texture, falling apart just right as you bit into it, but the seasoning was just a bit off and possibly too heavy on the paprika.

So again I ask myself, does perfection matter or even exist when making food? This is something I may never find out because can you ever believe you’ve found perfection when cooking or do you always find something you could do differently to enhance the flavor of your dish?


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