Fall Baking

IMG_2897The season isn’t quite here but we’ve had some cooler temps recently and it’s put me in the mood to bake. I enjoy baking, but only in the colder months. Something I haven’t mentioned yet on this blog is that I eat a gluten free diet. Due to some dietary restrictions I have found it is easier to cut out gluten than feel miserable after almost every meal. (I’m lying about the ease of eating gluten free, it’s tough to eat gluten free when the rest of my family can still enjoy the greatness that gluten adds to food).

Eating gluten free also makes baking a difficult task. I’ve had to learn how to adapt different recipes I’ve made in the past with ease only to find them impossible to create with gluten free flours. Luckily I’ve started to figure things out and have finally been able to bake gluten free dishes that my family doesn’t complain about and have fooled friends who couldn’t tell the difference.

One such recipe is my dad’s chocolate chip cookie recipe. It took me many tries to get itLtkcMaScR8G%AO19QGSEzw right when I could use regular flour and even more tries once I switched to gluten free. But now, after many adjustments, I have figured it out and when that urge to bake pops up it is the first thing I turn to.

Now that the baking bug has bitten, I’ll be sitting in my kitchen putting new recipes to the test and gaining a few extra pounds to keep warm during the cold winter months.


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