Sunday Dinner

My urge to cook has returned. For weeks I had struggled to find the motivation to cook. IMG_2987Sure I was making meals for the family, but trying new things and creating meals for enjoyment just wasn’t happening.  Thankfully things have finally changed and my desire to create in the kitchen has returned.

This weekend I finally fired the smoker back up as well as the grill. I created new dishes and was motivated in the kitchen. I was excited as I created a menu and put together the list of ingredients and I couldn’t wait for my family to taste my creation. It was a great Sunday.

IMG_2994For dinner I made pork chops with mashed potatoes. I found a recipe in the book Project Smoke for a smoked and grilled pork chop and decided to try it. I love pork chops and had been wanting to figure out how to use my smoker to cook them and finally found one that sounded good. It is a recipe that utilizes both the smoker and grill and I think with a few more efforts and tweaks it can be something I share with future guests.

I also decided to make a dessert with apples, it is fall after all. I made a simple baked honey glazed apple dish and topped it with homemade whipped cream. I think this could easily become a regular dessert in the fall season due to the simplicity of the dish.

IMG_2993I’ll share these recipes once I’ve worked on them a bit more and made them more my own. I was happy with the outcome but feel with a few alterations they could be great. So until then you’ll just have to trust me that they’re good.



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