Feeding a child

How do you feed your child? Do you cook something different from what you are making? Do you child proof the recipe of the dish you are making? How good of a palate does your child have? Does your child help in the kitchen? Do you let them take over when they know the recipe?

My 5 year old son has started to show more of an interest in the kitchen and I couldn’t bemvimg_20190105_131549 more excited. He’s always asking to help mix, break eggs, and flip the burgers. I’ve also had him starting to let me know when he thinks the seasoning is off. Most often he is telling me it needs more salt so I know he’s just saying something I’ve said while I taste as I cook, but there have been times he was right when I didn’t realize I had not added the right seasoning.

For cutting back on some seasoning when cooking for my son, I do do that. My chili has gotten milder. I make my guacamole in two different bowls, one with Serrano peppers and one without. I will try to make some dishes sweeter rather than spicier so that way my son will like the food we make rather than making it difficult to make food for my family. The more I adjust the recipe to fit my son’s palate the more adventurous I have found him to be in trying new foods.

These changes haven’t been bad overall for my dishes either. I’ve found that being forced to change my recipes to fit my son’s tastes have made some of my dishes taste better. My chili for instance has lost some of the burning heat but has gained some great balance towards a more smokey/acidic flavor that I’ve found to be much more pleasant. Changing the recipes and ways I cook has helped me push my abilities in the kitchen and be more imaginative when creating new dishes.


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