Music to my ears

Do you listen to music while you cook? Do you watch tv? Do you cook in silence so you can hear what the food is doing while it’s cooking? Do you prefer to have people around so you can converse while you prep and cook? Or does it not matter what is going on around you, you’re happy no matter what because you’re in the kitchen doing what you enjoy?

I’m one who enjoys music playing while I cook. I’ve always enjoyed music when I have a task to complete. My years spent writing papers for my college classes was always done with music filling my head. Whenever I need to concentrate on something I use music to focus. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy great conversation with those I am prepping the food for but if those I am cooking for are not in the room then music is my next best friend.

There really isn’t a specific style of music I prefer. There’s times I play classical and other times I’m playing pop. Most times though I’m putting on some good old dad rock while throwing pans around the stove top. Sometimes the music inspires my cooking and when I’m not feeling in the mood to start dinner, putting on some Tom Petty or Wilco will help me find my groove in front of the chopping block.

I’ve often thought about putting together a playlist for the kitchen, but have found that letting Spotify create a station using their algorithm seems more organic. And who doesn’t like using organic ingredients in the kitchen when they’re cooking.

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